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Global Fitness Services Limited (“Global”) is proud to be their representative in Israel.

How does “Global” benefit you?

A browse through our website will immediately prove the benefit of the IHRSA / “Global” connection.

Dozens of pages of information and news (in Hebrew and English) is made available to the Fitness Industry in Israel through the website, freely available for your use and consumption.

Two examples stand out:

  1. Research Review:  The Exercise Edge (A concise factual report which should be used as a major marketing tool as a news item to your members and potential members).
  2. Extract from  a Report from the IHRSA President in December 2003 ( Is your club also missing out on the 86% on the population who do not exercise?)


1. Research Review:  The Exercise Edge

Physicians have a difficult time keeping up with medical developments, but things are not all that much better for fitness professionals.  Hoping to help everyone stay current, the IHRSA monthly magazine CBI (Club Business International) has compiled some of the most recent findings.

  1. Memory:
    Cardiovascular exercise helps to preserve memory by slowing the loss of brain tissue as a person ages, say researches at the University of Illinois at Urbana.  According to the study, which evaluated the MRI scans of people 55 and older, the physically fit subjects had significantly healthy gray matter than did their unfit counterparts.

  2. Stroke:        
    An analysis of data from nearly two dozen studies conducted over the past four decades, concluded that physical activity reduces the risk of stroke.  The report, published in “Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association”, notes that moderately and highly active individuals had a 20% and 27% respectively lower risk of suffering a stroke, than did less active people. 

  3. Breast Health:
    Women who exercise have a 35% lower risk of developing breast cancer than do inactive women, according to a study conducted by researches at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of South California, who reported their findings in the journal “Cancer”.
  4. Lower-back Pain:
    A program involving exercises and exercise instruction has been shown to be as effective as surgical treatment (lumbar fusion) in treating chronic low-back pain and disc degeneration.
  5. Diabetes:
    A study of overweight, non-diabetic patients with higher–than-normal blood glucose levels who participated in a program of fitness walking and reduced their weight by 7% showed that they also reduced their risk of developing diabetes by 58%:  For those over 60, the protection was even greater – a 70% reduction.
  6. Arthritis:
    Individuals suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis who exercised for 75 minutes, twice a week, for two years, showed greater improvements in functional ability, physical capacity and muscle strength than did peers who received only standard physical therapy.
  7. Healthy Knees:
    Australian researches discovered that sedentary children had nearly 25% less cartilage than did normally actively children, increasing the likelihood that the former would develop knee osteoarthritis as adults.  Conversely, highly active youngsters tended to have 10 to 15% more cartilage than average.

Extract from  a Report from the IHRSA President in December 2003

 “New Markets Need a New Model”

“Since becoming President, I have been studying the numbers, the statistics, and the trends for the Health & Fitness Industry as a whole. And I kept sensing, suspecting, that we are missing out on something - something BIG!

“Our industry is the answer to so many of the major problems that effect modern society e.g. obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, stress, hypertension, depression, boredom. In all probability, regular exercise will help prevent, improve or even cure it. And each year the public understands that more & more. The media publicizes the fact regularly and the populations nod – Yes, we know. Exercise is a prerequisite to living a good life.

“Yet the average percentage of the populations of the Western World that exercise and have a membership of a club is only 14%! Surely with all the knowledge of how beneficial exercise is for one – why only 14%?

“I eventually came to a stunning conclusion – The reason that we are only selling memberships to 14% of the population, is that we are not giving them what they want to buy, and in the form that want to buy it!

“We have developed more and more spacious and beautiful facilities, we have wonderful equipment, we have the medical industry promoting our business, we spend millions on marketing and advertising, and yet we only attract 14% of the market. The conclusion is that the bulk of the public does not want to buy our benefits if it involves joining a regular type of health club.

“The opportunity that we have is the chance to discover, develop and deliver the type of club that the bulk of the population wants!”

Below is an article by the IHRSA Executive Director, in which he details the successes of “Women Only Health Clubs” that offer a full body workout in only 30 minutes!

“This concept has caught on so fast in recent months, that there are now over 9,000 of these clubs in the USA alone. The next steps have already been taken – the 30 Minute training concept is now being offered to “Men Only”, and the very latest is the 30 minute club for men & women. In addition, regular clubs are having to investigate how they can introduce this training concept into their clubs. So the whole fitness market, which has been one of the most stable business sectors in the last 10 years, is undergoing a real boom. And the most interesting aspect is that the initial capital investment needed to set up such a club rather than a regular type club is about 20% of that required for a regular type club.” And/or the investment required to provide the necessary machines for a 30 minute circuit is very low, especially when measured against the potential returns.



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Latest News

The ‘One for All’ Distinguishes Itself as the One to Remember

IHRSA 2008 Hosts 12,000 Fitness Professionals, Breaks Trade Show Exhibition Record

SAN DIEGO- March 11, 2008- The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) today announced that more than 12,000 fitness industry professionals from 70 nations gathered to celebrate the association’s 27th Annual International Convention & Trade Show, which came to a conclusion on Saturday.

“On behalf of IHRSA, I extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all who joined us last week in San Diego,” said Joe Moore, President and Chief Executive Officer of IHRSA. “The superior quality of the educational programming and the trade show made our great event the best ever, and San Diego was more than a gracious host city. It is our hope that each and every attendee returns to their business with a renewed commitment to grow our industry, with the collective goal of enriching the lives of all through regular exercise.”

A record number of trade show exhibition space at IHRSA 2008 was sold, creating the world’s largest health club in the San Diego Convention Center. This year 413 exhibitors occupied 400,000+ square feet of exhibit space, displaying the latest and greatest in nearly 30 categories of health and fitness equipment, products, and programs.

Nearly 200 educational and networking sessions were held at this year’s convention, including memorable presentations by Bob Woodruff, (sponsored by Precor), Kjell Nordstrom, (sponsored by Technogym), Dick Vitale, (sponsored by Matrix Fitness Systems), Martina Navratilova, (sponsored by SPRI Products), and the 4th Annual IHRSA Technology Summit, (sponsored by Checkfree - now part of Fiserv).

For the fourth consecutive year, the event was held in conjunction with the 18th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, presented by the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP). This partnership provides the unique opportunity for members of the health and fitness industry to network with like-minded professionals from a wide range of industries committed to health promotion.

At IHRSA’s Annual Meeting, the association’s 2008-2009 Board of Directors was announced. Gene LaMott, former President and CEO of Gold’s Gym International and current Chairman of the Board, Total Woman Gym and Atmosphere Day Spa, was elected as IHRSA’s Board Chairperson. LaMott will succeed Michael Levy, effective July 1, 2008. Jeff Klinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness, David Hardy, President of CLUBFIT and Founder and President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada, and Kilian Fisher, Chief Executive of ILAM, the Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management, Ireland, were elected by the membership to begin serving terms on IHRSA’s Board of Directors effective July 1, 2008.

In ceremonies held at the convention, Geoffrey A. Dyer, Founder of Lifestyle Family Fitness, and IHRSA Associate Member Matrix Fitness Systems were recognized with IHRSA’s annual honors. Geoff Dyer was presented with the Dale S. Dibble Distinguished Service Award, and Chris Clawson, President of Matrix Fitness Systems, accepted the IHRSA Associate Member of the Year Award.

The health and fitness industry turned out in grand fashion in support of “The Beach BASH for Augie’s Quest,” which was held in conjunction with IHRSA 2008 on Friday, March 7. The third annual event drew 1,100 attendees, who raised 1.5 million dollars in the fight to combat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease). Augie’s Quest has raised more than $12.4 million to date. The event was emceed by NBC’s Today Show national correspondent Natalie Morales, featuring Pat Monahan from Grammy award-winning band Train, and NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. All proceeds will benefit Augie’s Quest, which in conjunction with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is an aggressive, cure-driven effort, singularly focused on treatments and cures for ALS.

Audio and video recordings of select convention sessions are available for purchase online at or by contacting IHRSA at 800-228-4772 and +1 617-951-0055.

Preparations are in full swing for the 30th Anniversary IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show to be held March 16-19, 2011 in San Francisco. With the theme “A World of Opportunity”, it will bring fitness professionals and industry suppliers from the four corners of the world to meet and develop strategies to maximize opportunities to grow the fitness industry on a global basis.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing health and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and suppliers worldwide. The association’s membership includes over 9,100 clubs in 75 countries, along with over 730 industry suppliers.