Global Fitness Services Ltd.
Advisors & Consultants to the Health & Fitness Industry and General Public.
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  פרופיל חברת גלובל

An Essential Service and Information Provider for the Health and Fitness Industry in Israel!

  • The Health and Fitness Industry in Israel has grown at a pace equivalent to any of the leading countries offering modern facilities and the most up-to-date equipment.
  • New clubs are being opened and/or existing clubs are expanding!
  • Colleges and other Institutions which offer a variety of Fitness Courses are fully booked throughout the year! And new courses are continually being added.

All those involved in the Fitness Industry must not be fooled by the allusion that all is flourishing – the competition is getting stronger and fiercer every day.

We recommend that Management & Instructors of Health & Fitness facilities / services take advantage of the FREE REGISTRATION to the website, which provides dozens of articles and researched advice on THE NEEDS & FUNCTIONS OF THE HUMAN BODY. This website has an average of 76 countries per month taking advantage of the current and new informative articles as they are posted.

Ideal for the general public as well as health & fitness professionals.

Feedback & comments most welcome!

The question continually being asked is: "With the expanding market and more competition, as well as a more sophisticated public, where can the Club Management and Instructors find access to worldwide current and up-to-date information, statistics, research, and articles directly effecting our business – and in Hebrew?"

"Global Fitness Services Limited" and Me & My Body were formed with this need in mind!
All the expertise gained over more than 55 years of specializing in the Health and Fitness Industry, of which 33 years have been in Israel, has been invested in the Company.

As a Federation Member and Representative of IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) in Israel, we will follow their lead and state as follows:

Our purpose is to:
Expand – Promote – and Protect the Fitness Industry,

Whilst providing basic health & fitness information for the benefit of all.

Therefore, while the Instructors are instructing and the Managers are managing, "Global" will collect information and the latest results of research in the industry received from IHRSA & other major fitness & health organizations and, after careful analysis and processing, transfer and make it available to its Customers.

One of our main aims is to promote the importance of participating in a regular exercise program for ALL citizens above the age of 8 years. This means that the 90% plus of the population that is not exercising will be able to find a suitable fitness center near their home or work that they will find convenient, has professional service, gives results, is fun and provides the chance to have a total body workout.

To obtain a full picture of the many services and products being offered by the Company, you are welcome to contact us: